Kalaroa Upazila

Kalaroa Upazila (satkhira district) with an area of 232.64 sq km, is bounded by  sharsha, jhikargachha and manirampur upazilas on the north, satkhira sadar and tala upazilas on the south, keshabpur, Manirampur and Tala upazilas and the Kobadak river on the east, West Bengal of India on the west. Main rivers are kobadak, Betna,Read More

Satkhira District

Satkhira District (khulna division) with an area of 3858.33 sq km, is a south west bordered district of Bangladesh. It is bounded by jessore district on the north, the bay of bengal on the south, khulna district on the east, Pargana district of west bengal on the west. Annual average temperature is maximumRead More

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