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How will I write Bangla in HomeSatkhira?

You can write in Bangla easily. There are many ways to write here in Bangla. HomeSatkhira Supports Unicode. You will have to write in Unicode. We recommend Avro for typing Bangla. You can Download Avro from Here. Avro has several KeyBoard Layouts, such as; English, Phonetic, UniBijoy/Unijoy etc.

How will I read Bangla Text in HomeSatkhira?

Configure Your Computer for Bangla by Yourself [You need not to change anything for Windows Vista or Windows 7, This instruction is for Windows XP and previous versions only] Go through the following steps:

Update: July 01, 2010

Privacy Settings for Profile Information: Now users have the options to select their own privacy setting for their profile information. Users can select which information can be opened for everyone who visits this site, for users of this site and for the

How will I send invites to my friends?

You can send invites to your friends and know persons. They can join this community this way and this community will be enrich much.