How will I write Bangla in HomeSatkhira?

You can write in Bangla easily. There are many ways to write here in Bangla. HomeSatkhira Supports Unicode. You will have to write in Unicode. We recommend Avro for typing Bangla. You can Download Avro from Here.

Avro has several KeyBoard Layouts, such as; English, Phonetic, UniBijoy/Unijoy etc. If you are new in Bangla Typing you can use Phonetic. It is easier. Just type like English. The text will be converted to Bangla as per the pronunciation.

You can find details from the developer’s website. You can download the following documents for further information. All the documents are in Bangla.

Click Here for Starting Guide: Description about how to configure different operating systems for using Avro Keyboard. (Bangla)

Click Here For Overview: Get a conception about Avro Keyboard. (Bangla Document)

Click Here for Customizing Avro Keyboard: How to customize Avro Keyboard. Description and recommendation for each option of Avro Keyboard included. (Bangla Document)

Click Here for Bangla Typing with Avro Phonetic : English to Bangla phonetic typing rules. (Bangla)

Click Here for Bangla Typing with Fixed Keyboard Layouts: Typing rules for traditional keyboard layout based Bangla/Assamese typing like Bijoy, Munir, Provat etc. (Bangla Document)

Clcik Here for Bangla Typing with Avro Mouse : Mouse based Bangla/Assamese typing rules. (Bangla Document)

Click Here for General Questions (FAQ): Before asking something, keep a look here, most probably you will get the answers! (Bangla Document)

If you face any problem please leave a comment here. We will answer you with solution for Bangla Writing.

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